Boråstapeter is the oldest, most famous and best-selling Swedish wallpaper brand. Constantly developing the brand in order to satisfy the wide market and interest in design, colors and textures - Boråstapeter tends to play an inspirational role in the wallpaper market. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Borastapeter. The factory, known as a small artwork, is located next to the Swedish town of Boras, and in addition to classic printing methods, it uses innovative, more efficient production processes. They exclusively use water soluble paint and adhesives, and the paper used as raw material comes from one of the world's most environmentally-friendly recycling programs. Customers appreciate it because these are natural and recycled materials, and it also raises awareness on ecology and environmentally sustainable production processes, trends that are on the rise. Waldemar Andrén and his associates believed in the idea of ​​mass production of wallpaper so that more people could have beautiful walls in their homes. The wallpaper factory was founded in 1905, and Boråstapeter was on a sprightly path of success, becoming the leading wallpaper manufacturer in Scandinavian countries, and its popularity is constantly growing.


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